Swimming Pool Care

What's Causing My Pool's Cloudy Water?

A lot of factors can contribute to a cloudy water appearance, including pool chemistry, filtration, algae, even shade from a tree that creates a shadow over the pool. First, you'll want to diagnose why it's not clear. Check your filter to make sure it's operating properly and is on at least 8-10 hours a day. Test your pool chemicals to make sure there's enough chlorine purifying the water and that your pH levels are balanced. These, in turn, control algae growth and other bacteria that forms in the pool when chlorine is low.

Cloudy Pool Water

Once you've determined the culprit, it's time to reverse the cloudiness. Balance your pH and ensure there's enough chlorine. Check your filter to determine if it needs backwashing or replacement, and then after performing any necessary backwashing replacement, run it overnight until the water is clear. It also helps to give your pool walls and floor a good scrubbing and vacuuming before filtering. Shock the pool if your free chlorine levels are low. If none of this is clearing up your pool, try adding a pool clarifier, or flocculent. Run your filter until the water is clear. You'll also want to vacuum your pool after to remove the particles drawn up by the flocculent.

Calling a pool technician for expert help is also a good way to go, so you don't miss any steps.