Nature Vision / Claritec

Water Purity at its Simplest

Water Purity at its Simplest

Nature2 Vision / Claritec is a standalone mineral distribution system that you can use in conjunction with most sanitizing systems

The Benefits of Nature2

  • Less chlorine - chlorine levels can be as low as 0.6ppm. Less chlorine means no more harsh. odours, red stinging eyes, dry skin, or bleached swimwear.
  • Less time spent on maintenance - minerals assist in controlling bacteria and algae, reducing the potential for problems.
  • Water Quality - you'll see and feel a big difference in the quality of water, which makes for a more enjoyable swimming experience.
  • Value - It doesn't cost you any more to have Nature2, the savings in chlorine balance the cost of the cartridge, and the quality of water is far superior.

How Does Nature2 Work?
The Nature2 system consists of a vessel and a cartridge which is replaced each year. The Nature2 cartridge contains natural minerals which work with. low levels of chlorine to control bacteria and algae. growth. When using Nature2 you can reduce the level of chlorine used by up to 40%. Nature2 is powered by water flow there is no electricity required and no moving parts.

  • "No Stain" Warranty
  • Easy to Install    
  • Compatible with your existing automatic chlorine system


Model Description
W20016 Zodiac Vision NA Vinyl Vessel
W20031 Zodiac Claritec PA Vinyl Vessel
W29030 Zodiac N2 Vision Vinyl Cartridge Single
W29035 Zodiac N2 Claritec CPA Cart Single CAN
W29135 Zodiac N2 Vision CNG Cartridge CAN


Exploded Parts Diagram


Feature Purifier for Vinyl Pools Purifier for Concrete Pools
Capacity 18,000 L to 114,000 L up to 132,000 L
Dimensions 405 x 241 x 292 mm 405 x 241 x 292 mm
Ports 38 mm (1.5 inch) FPT threaded connections, inlet and outlet 38 mm (1.5 inch) FPT threaded connections, inlet and outlet
Weight 2.6 kg 2.6 kg
Circulation system flow rate 95-303 L/min 95-303 L/min
Purifier flow rate 38-68 L/min (internal bypass) 38-68 L/min  (internal bypass)
Maximum operating pressure 173 kPa 173 kPa
Cartridges dimensions 248 x 118 mm 350 x 118 mm
Replacement cartridge A30ec G35

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Nature2 stain my pool?

No. With Nature2 minerals remain well below levels that might cause staining. In fact, Nature2 offers a "no-stain" guarantee.

How do I know if Nature2 is working?

The best test is improved water quality; you'll notice a big difference. Visual clarity and sparkle shows Nature2 is working properly.

How often do I need to super-oxidize (shock)?

Because of the efficiency of Nature2, super-oxidation is needed less often. You only need to super-oxidize if the pool becomes dull or cloudy. The start-up of each new cartridge requires an initial shock with chlorine. Follow chlorine manufacturer's label/instruction to super-oxidize.

Is Nature2 a filter?

No. A filter simply removes particles and debris. You still need a filter when using Nature2 system.

Is Nature2 an "ionizer"?

No. Ionizers electrically discharge copper (or metal alloy) ions into water. Ionizers can deliver ions via an electrical current (electrodes) or salt dissolution.

Is Nature2 compatible with other products?

Nature2 can be used with every type of chemical treatment program available except biguanide products and copper-based algaecides.

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